One of hotest trends in wedding photography at the moment is trashing the dress.

Don't worry, its not as bad as it sounds. Very few brides actually cause any real damage to their wedding dress, other than it getting a bit wet or dirty, and this can be easily rectified by your dry-cleaner, so your dress will be back in pristine condition before it gets boxed up and put away in the closet.

Click here to see some example images from a trash the dress shoot.

How does it work?

Some time after the wedding, it could be the next day or weeks or months later, you have another opportunity to get all dressed up in your wedding finery and have a fun photo shoot, where you can relax without any of the pressures of the wedding day, and take glamourous, high fashion style photograhs in situations you wouldn't dream of putting your dress into on the real wedding day.


Great photo locations for a trash the dress photo shoot include:

We are currently offering a trash the dress photo-shoot with photos on CD for only $300 (a savings of $100). Our normal prices will still apply for prints and albums.

Contact us now to book your trash the dress photo shoot.

We can do a trash the dress session for you even if we are not doing your main wedding photography.

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