A growing number of brides-to-be are seeking to give their groom a very special, intimate wedding present that he will never forget. Gorgeous, sexy images of the bride-to-be, skantily clad in her wedding lingerie, along with other items of wedding attire such as garter, veil, shoes and stockings.
These images can be turned into a DVD slideshow, prints, a photo-book or an album which can be presented to the groom on the night before, or on the morning or evening of the wedding.

A bridal boudoir shoot is a great opportunity to maximise your use of your dress and other wedding attire.

Even if you're already married, but like the idea of dressing up in your wedding finery again, a bridal boudoir shoot may be just the ticket.

We can do your bridal boudoir photo-shoot in your own home, in our studio, or at another location of your choosing such as the hotel where you will spend your wedding night.

If possible, we recommend having your bridal boudoir shoot several months before the wedding so that you have plenty of time to have the images properly edited, printed and turned into the finished products you desire.

Contact us now to book your bridal boudoir photo shoot.

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